Creating My Pinterest-y Christmas Cards

Guys! Guys! Our Christmas cards came in the mail today, and I am so excited!

Since this is my first baby’s first Christmas, I am admittedly going overboard this year. One of the items on my list of Christmas musts (yes, there is actually a list) was a Pinterest-y Christmas card. I think I can confidently cross that item off my list, don’t you think?

tiny prints christmas card

tiny prints christmas card

I wanted the perfect family photo for our card, but I didn’t think of it until just before Thanksgiving, and by then photographers were booked up or charging a premium rate. Psshh, I got this,  I thought. I looked up some tutorials on how to stage my own photography studio and get perfect pictures with a Christmas light bokeh effect. Easy-peasy.

Until I actually dusted off my DSLR and tried to get a 5 month old to cooperate with a photo shoot. First of all, I could not figure out how to get the aperture low enough to get the right effect. Yeah, if I’m being honest, I almost never use my camera in manual mode. Playing around with settings and effects is great, but… not when your 5 month old is cranky and so over this stupid photo shoot business.

My pitiful attempts are so funny that I have to share a few:


I was testing the lighting here, but as you can see my attempt at lights in the background for a bokeh effect was pretty pathetic.

Harry was fed up with my lack of expertise in camera lenses and subject distances.

Harry was fed up with my lack of expertise in camera lenses and subject distances.


Anyway, I gave up on my dream of that perfect photo and just started snapping away using my phone. Harry cheered up when I let him play with some lights, and here are a few shots that I liked:

The winner

The winner

It was hard to choose my favorite, but once I finally did I decided to make my first ever customized Christmas card. I went with Tiny Prints — my Sister-in-Law used them for our baby shower invitations, and I was impressed with how good they came out. It took me awhile to choose the one I liked best (there were soooo many adorable options), but I am happy with my decision. I splurged and got envelopes with our return address printed on them, because the thought of writing our stupid address over and over has actually prevented me from sending cards in the past. If you’re really fancy you can have them print the delivery address– but I’m only somewhat fancy so I only had our address printed.

So! “Pinterest-y Christmas card,”–Check! What else should be on my list for Baby’s first Christmas?


Halloween 2016

I know, I know– now that it’s November 1st, Halloween is so last month, and it’s time to celebrate Christmas for the next 7 weeks. But here’s what Halloween looked like around here:

baby tiger costume dog wonder woman

With C working the entire night and Harry being too young to get much out of trick-or-treating, I thought Halloween would be a dud this year. Surprisingly enough, it ended up being a lot of fun! . Tiger cub Harry conked out too early to see the trick-or-treaters, but only after squealing and giggling at the baby in the mirror wearing an awesome tiger costume. Wonder Woman Khaleesi became he neighborhood darling. With every doorbell ring, she would run out to the front porch to check out costumes and show off hers. And who doesn’t love a gigantic, goofy dog in a super hero costume?


Earlier in the day, I taught Harry how to carve a pumpkin. He found it fascinating for about 15 minutes.


Our cat Lula was pleased with my pumpkin carving skills, and even she got into the Halloween spirit.

black cat

By 8:30 the neighborhood quieted down, and Harry snuggled with my mother and I to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve got to say, this year turned out to be one of the best Halloweens in recent memory. I hope that you enjoyed yours too!

Oh Hi There.

So, I recently received an email notifying me that it’s time to renew the domain for this site. Truth be told, I did think about ignoring it and writing off blogging as just a thing I used to do. I know that I come back here every few months or so to promise that I’ll write more, but this time I can’t make any promises.

The thing is, I’m a different person now. I’m a mother to the most amazing baby boy, Harry.

3 month old baby pumpkin patch

I have different priorities now.

I often think about writing about those priorities and this new lifestyle that I’m settling in to, but then I find myself and my writing not fitting in to what blogging has become. I don’t want to lug around my DSLR to stage the most Pinsterest-worthy Instagram photo to drive traffic to my blog. I don’t want to turn my posts into click-bait lists. I don’t want to create webinars. I just want to write. And connect.

So why haven’t I? I dunno. I guess if I’m being honest, it’s that nagging feeling of inadequacy. I see other blogs that I used to follow that have become big and successful and make lots of money, and then I’m sitting here covered in spit up and worrying that if I open up WordPress and hit publish, I’ll only embarrass myself. I cringe at some old blog posts I’ve written (and deleted) where I was trying so hard to get people to like and follow my blog, when I was trying so hard to be someone I’m not. So far, the easiest way to avoid that has been to just walk away from the blog.

But I’m back. For now. Maybe next week too, maybe not. But I do promise to be authentic and real and me.

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