Apr 17, 2014

Are Keratin Treatments For You?

I've always considered myself low- maintenance in the looks department, but then I looked at my budget and saw how much of my money goes to my hair, manis and pedis, make up, clothes, facials, and so on. Okay, so I may actually be high maintenance. It's okay, I embrace it.

One of the more high maintenance things I do but cannot live without is the Keratin treatments I get about every 3 months. I've blogged about this before, back when I first began blogging, before people were really reading this. I figure it's worth revisiting, mostly because I'm going back to the salon tomorrow for another treatment.
I've been getting treatments since the summer of 2010, so I feel like I know a thing or two about how they work.  Basically, a Keratin Complex treatment is a semi-permanent straightening and smoothing treatment. I've tried other treatments like the "Japanese straightening treatment" before, and suffered a lot of damage (read: hair literally breaking off). Here's a quick explanation of the difference:

Many treatments like the "Japanese straightening" or a relaxer work the exact same way that a perm does, just minus the curlers. What I mean by that is that they first break the hair follicle to reshape it, and then fill in the breaks with a chemical that keeps it in its new shape. If it is a perm, the new hair shape is curly, straight if you're going for a straightening treatment.

The breakage part is what does all the damage, and there is none of that in the keratin treatment. Instead, the keratin (a natural protein that is what hair is made out of) is pressed into you hair with heat so that it fills in cracks that are already there, and bonds to the hair follicle as it is straightened with a flat iron, so that basically the hair has a layer of protein holding it in that shape.

Make sense so far?

from the website 
So here are a few things to know:

  • it isn't permanent, and it depending on the curliness of your hair, it won't make your hair completely straight the whole time. If you have very curly hair, it will just make the curls much looser and less frizzy, and easier to completely straighten. I have fine, wavy hair, and with the treatment I can air dry it and it looks fine-- no frizz or kinks. I blow dry my hair with a large round brush a few times a week for extra volume.
  • You can still curl your hair with heat. I use a curling iron all the time when I want to change things up, and my hair holds curl just the same as it did before-- only not as frizzy. 
  • It can cost a pretty penny, depending on where you go. However, since I have been getting it done (since August 2010) prices have gone down. I happen to be lucky and have a stylist who is building up her clientele and can thus charge less for the procedure.
  • After the treatment, you can't wash your hair for 72 hours.  This is the part that scares off most women. You can't put the hair up, clip it back, get it wet, nothing.
  • You can't use products with sulfates or salt in them. You kind of get suckered into using the Coppola brand's products, but fortunately I like the products a lot. It does mean planning ahead and not being able to use regular travel-sized Pantene when you travel, but in my experience you get over that pretty quickly.
  • from last summer, with a fresh keratin treatment.
  • You can still color your hair with the treatment! If you did this with other straightening treatments, your hair would break off. 

I won't lie; it can be a bit expensive and it also isn't for everyone. However, for my hair, which would be a dry frizz ball otherwise, it works wonders. It saves a lot of time on my daily routine. I can air dry and look presentable; a quick blow dry and it looks great. It used to be a pain in the ass to flat iron it to make it look presentable, and the damage from daily heat was keeping me from growing it out. For women with much curlier hair, it allows them to have less frizzy and more manageable curls, with the freedom to completely straighten it with a flat iron with much less struggle. 

So that's my experience with Keratin. Have any of you had experience with it to share? Or did I leave anything out that you have questions about?
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Apr 16, 2014

Owl Of My Friends

I love vintage styled dresses. They're so whimsical and fun, and flattering on just about everyone.

Dress c/o eShakti

Well, for the most part. There is an online retailer that specializes in vintage styled clothing, let's just call them Clod Moth,  that has dresses that I absolutely love online on the models, but I almost always have to send back once I try them on. Their dresses are designed more for pear-shaped ladies, which is fine since more women are pear-shaped than other shapes. However, that is not my body type. I'm more apple shaped or top-heavy, and so dresses from that online store are always too small in the chest and shoulders, even when I size up. Womp-womp.

So I'd kind of given up on filling my closet with vintage dresses, until eShakti contacted me. As I cruised through their website, I was so excited by their selection.Their dresses are fun, flirty, and just adorable. I mean, look at those owls! Woo Hoo! I love owls!

Owl Always Love You...
But here's the best part: they will customize your item to your measurements.

What the what? That's awesome! For a short, busty girl like me, that's incredibly exciting. I like that they cater to all sizes, from 0 to 36, so that women of any size can rock the vintage look. Seriously, go check out their dresses!

You can find out more about eShakti on Facebook or Twitter, or follow their boards on Pinterest.
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Apr 15, 2014

1000 Steps Beach

I've been working on getting into more of a routine with working out regularly. However, routine can be the biggest enemy to enjoying work outs, so over the weekend I thought I'd break out of my routine and take my workout somewhere else.

So I headed down to Laguna Beach to 1000 Steps. It's a hidden gem in South Laguna that is well worth the trip. You have to know what you're looking for, but once you find it, you're in for a great workout with a beautiful view.

As you first head down the stairs, you probably think, Pshh, it's just a long stair case. It's nothing special. But then you head back up the stairs. Before you even reach the half way point, your heart will be pounding. By the time you reach the top, your quads, booty, and calves will be burning. You'll reach the top and need a moment (or 5) to catch your breath.

Good, that's one lap. After 3 or 4 laps, you will be swearing, sweating, huffing and puffing. You will definitely be sore the next morning. Success!

But that's just the work out part. At the bottom of the stairs is one of California's most beautiful beaches.

Mo' money, mo' problems. That's what I tell myself, but still I think it must be pretty great to be whoever owns that house.

You can walk off those shaking legs by heading south about a quarter of a mile to check out this cave in the rocks.

But watch the tide; it can rise pretty quickly, and you'll find yourself stuck!

To find this little piece of work out paradise, head down PCH and look for 9th street. Parking can be tricky, so turn up 9th street and look for a spot in the residential area. Bring water; you can find a spot on the stairs to hide your bottle so you don't have to carry it. Prepare to be really sore the next morning!

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