Halloween 2016

I know, I know– now that it’s November 1st, Halloween is so last month, and it’s time to celebrate Christmas for the next 7 weeks. But here’s what Halloween looked like around here:

baby tiger costume dog wonder woman

With C working the entire night and Harry being too young to get much out of trick-or-treating, I thought Halloween would be a dud this year. Surprisingly enough, it ended up being a lot of fun! . Tiger cub Harry conked out too early to see the trick-or-treaters, but only after squealing and giggling at the baby in the mirror wearing an awesome tiger costume. Wonder Woman Khaleesi became he neighborhood darling. With every doorbell ring, she would run out to the front porch to check out costumes and show off hers. And who doesn’t love a gigantic, goofy dog in a super hero costume?


Earlier in the day, I taught Harry how to carve a pumpkin. He found it fascinating for about 15 minutes.


Our cat Lula was pleased with my pumpkin carving skills, and even she got into the Halloween spirit.

black cat

By 8:30 the neighborhood quieted down, and Harry snuggled with my mother and I to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve got to say, this year turned out to be one of the best Halloweens in recent memory. I hope that you enjoyed yours too!

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  • That’s one adorable little tiger you have there!

    • Thanks! He hated the headdress part, but had a lot of fun in the tiger suit!